I enjoyed those. I used to have days I wanted to be Claire Danes too.

My so called life hey?

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I've just revisited these, more slowly this time, with your song playing. There's so much hope and strength in those notes. Thank you so much for your gorgeous art and vulnerability. All these poems are lush and potent, to borrow two adjectives a mystic once used to describe my own poetry and lift me up to where I could love myself, just as appropriate now as they were then. I know for sure you really have been awesome this whole time. So glad you can see that too.

"Bringing it all into the conversation 'cause you're so interesting to me and you're listening to me! And everything you say is so fascinating and when you let me in on these little bits of your history it's like the pieces of a puzzle falling into place [...] all these added facets of your past or passions or intentions and it adds this whole new dimension, and did I mention, I wanna talk with you? [...] And at the end of it all, when you feel like nobody gets you, just remember that I do, and I'll never not want to talk with you." -RK

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